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Fiber-Classic Door Collection Offers Warmth

The fiberglass revolution began with the Fiber-Classic® door. It brought the toughness of fiberglass and married it with the warmth and appeal of wood. Fiber-Classic doors are available in two wood-grained collections: the Fiber-Classic® Mahogany Collection™ and the Fiber-Classic® Oak Collection™.

Fiber-Classic Mahogany

Just as a traditional mahogany table is valued as a family heirloom, a Fiber-Classic Mahogany door can set the tone for a timeless and elegant entryway for years. Classic glass inserts can add to the sophistication, even as it dovetails with the durability and longevity of fiberglass.

Fiber-Classic Oak

Look no further than the Fiber-Classic Oak door as the door that started the fiberglass revolution in entryways. This collection offers the rich feel and warm ambiance of natural oak grain, but with the durability, stability and longevity of classic fiberglass. 

Options at Every Turn and Entrance

A deep portfolio of products, styles, interchangeable glass designs and smooth, paintable surfaces, means you need to be ready for door decisions. Choice is part of the big design.  

Portfolio Versatility

Find a door with the desired texture and then add glass options and finish options. A deep portfolio of doors—and associated options—offer a vast feeling of creative expression. 

On-Trend Surfaces

Grain choices with the look of real wood or a smooth, paintable alternative to steel. With Fiber-Classic, you’ll have a selection of on-trend textures.

Panel Embossments

Capture the rewarding character of panel embossments, ready to work with sidelites and rich finishes. Be sure to consider a factory finish for the most professional close up.


Whatever you call it, you can find it here.

Looking for something else?

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